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Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Logo License and Permit Information System

License and Permit Search


The FWC issues more than 200 licenses, permits and certifications that are required for a wide range of activities impacting fish and wildlife and boater safety. The LPIS search page will help you find license and permit information and how to apply.

You can select one or more of the following items to narrow the list to those you may need:
  Activity – This is what you plan to do. For example:
  If you select, “Hunt | Fish |Trap | Collect | Remove from the Wild” and sub-activity, “Fishing | Frogging | Collect or Remove Aquaria,” you would find licenses and permits required to collect fish or saltwater organisms for your aquarium.
  Purpose – This is why you are doing your activity. For example:
  If you are planning to sell what you collect, you would select “Commercial – Business, Sales, Exhibition, Trade."
  Species – This is the type of fish or animal that would be affected. For example:
  If you plan to collect saltwater plants, you would select, “Plants”.
  Applicant Residency – This is where you live. For example:
  If you are not from Florida, select “Non-Resident.”

To find out if you are defined as a “Florida Resident” for purposes of recreational hunting or fishing, visit our Recreational Licenses & Permits Web site.

To find information about Nonresident Recreational Fishing Licenses and permits, you would select:

  Activity: Hunt | Fish | Trap | Collect | Remove from the Wild
Sub-activity: Fishing | Frogging | Collect or Remove Aquaria
Purpose: Recreational or Personal
Species: Fishes
Applicant Residency: Non-Resident

Click the “Search” button to see the search results.

The results are grouped into categories. You may be required to have licenses or permits from one or more categories. Click on the category to move down the page and view those licenses and permits.

You can view the complete list of FWC license and permits by selecting “List All Licenses”.

Click on the name to view the license details.