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Please select from the options below. To apply for a new permit or registration follow the directions for that specific permit or registration type.
Select AMP Alternative Mobility Permit (AMP)
Authorizes the holder to operate all-terrain vehicles (ATV) on designated wildlife management areas. The applicants must provide a physicians certification stating that the applicant is mobility impaired and is one of the following: paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, permanently dependent upon a wheelchair for ambulation, permanently required to use braces or prosthesis on both legs, or complete above the knee single-leg amputation.
Select AD Antlerless Deer Permit (AD)
Authorizes the holder to take any deer (except spotted fawn) that is without antlers or whose antlers are less than 5 inches in length visible above the hairline on designated private property. Identifying tag must be locked on deer.
Select BASS Bass Tournament (BASS)
Authorizes a temporary exemption to the existing size limits for freshwater fish taken in a designated fishing tournament. Bag limits remain in effect and all fish caught must be live-released. Individual permit cards are issued to each angler participating.
Select CDIVE Chassahowitzka WMA SCUBA Diving Registration (CDIVE)
Authorizes SCUBA diving in Chassahowitzka WMA.
Notice: Multiple divers cannot register as a group, or under a business or company name. Each diver must complete the registration process in their own name.
Select DDEP Deer Depredation Permit (DDEP)
Authorizes the holder to take deer of either sex at the permitted site only where depredating deer damage is occurring
Select DD Deer Dog Registration (DD)
Authorizes the use of dogs to take, trail, pursue or molest deer on private property.
Select DBTEDU Diamond-Backed Terrapin Permit for Exhibition and Education (DBTEDU)
Authorizes a person or exhibitor to possess diamond-backed terrapins (diamondback terrapin; Malaclemys terrapin) for exhibition and education for the purpose of providing a benefit to the public.
Select DBTPP Diamond-Backed Terrapin Personal Possession Permit (DBTPP)
Authorizes the holder to possess up to 2 diamond-backed terrapins (diamondback terrapin; Malaclemys terrapin), that were legally obtained prior to March 1, 2022, as personal pets, for the life of the animal. Permits for personal pet possession will not be issued after May 31, 2022.
Select CB Disabled Person's Crossbow Hunting Permit (CB)
Authorizes the permittee to use a crossbow during established archery seasons.
Select FEEL Fishing Education Event License Exemption Permit (FEEL)
Authorizes the named Sponsoring Organization's qualifying education event participants to fish without a Florida recreational fishing license for the duration of the event.
Select GEO Geocaching Permit (GEO)
Authorizes a person to place and maintain a geocache on FWC property.
Select GLN Gun and Light at Night Permit (GLN)
Authorizes a landowner or their designee to take depredating wildlife (beaver, bobcat, fox, possum, rabbit, raccoon or skunk) at night with a gun and light. Under special restrictions, authorizes deer causing damage to crops can be harassed (scared) with a gun and light at night.
Select MCP Mallard Control Permit (MCP)
Authorizes the taking of mallard ducks subject to specific provisions
Select MDVE Military/Disabled Veteran Event License Exemption Permit (MDVE)
Authorizes the named Sponsoring Organization's qualifying event participants to hunt or fish without a Florida recreational hunting or fishing license for the duration of the event.
Select MI Mobility Impaired Certification (MI)
Authorizes 20 hunts on 9 wildlife management areas to those hunters certified mobility-impaired. These hunts are reserved exclusively for mobility-impaired hunters who can't walk, or can't walk without an assisting aid.
Not Available Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting/Fishing License (D)
Notice: Resident Persons with Disabilities Hunting and Fishing Licenses are no longer available in PermitMe! Please CLICK HERE to go to to apply for and/or access Disability licenses. Please update your bookmarks to use the new address. Thanks!
Select SEA Special Event Authorization (SEA)
Authorizes an event activity is not consistent with statewide or area specific rules.
Select SUO Special Use Other Permit (SUO)
Authorizes a person with the approval of the FWC Regional Director or the WMA Manager to access or use Wildlife Management Areas and other regulated areas that are otherwise prohibited for a specific activity and/or time period.
Select SUV Special Use Vehicle (SUV)
Authorizes a permanently disabled person to operate vehicles on some WMA roads not open to the public. Applicants must provide a physician certification stating that the person is permanently disabled in a way which renders normal walking impossible
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