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Herp Bibliography Page

Enge, K. M., J. D. Mays, E. P. Hill, and B. B. Harris. 2016. Status assessments of the southern hog-nosed snake, Florida pinesnake, short-tailed kingsnake, and eastern diamond-backed rattlesnake in Florida. Final Report, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, Wildlife Research Section, Gainesville, Florida, USA. ?pp.

1 Heterodon simus (Southern Hog-nosed Snake) Distribution BOTH
2 Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus (Florida Pinesnake) Distribution BOTH
3 Lampropeltis extenuatum (Short-tailed Kingsnake) Distribution BOTH
4 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Distribution BOTH
5 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Habitat BOTH
6 Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus (Florida Pinesnake) Habitat BOTH
7 Lampropeltis extenuatum (Short-tailed Kingsnake) Habitat BOTH
8 Heterodon simus (Southern Hog-nosed Snake) Habitat BOTH
9 Heterodon simus (Southern Hog-nosed Snake) Conservation and Management BOTH
10 Lampropeltis extenuatum (Short-tailed Kingsnake) Conservation and Management BOTH
11 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Conservation and Management BOTH
12 Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus (Florida Pinesnake) Conservation and Management BOTH

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