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Herp Bibliography Page

Domingue O'Neill, E. 1995. Amphibian and reptile communities of temporary ponds in a managed pine flatwood. M.S. Thesis, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA. 106pp.

1 Amphibians Area Inventory BOTH
2 Reptiles Area Inventory BOTH
3 Amphibians Effects of Habitat Modification BOTH
4 Reptiles Effects of Habitat Modification BOTH
5 Anaxyrus terrestris (Southern Toad) Movements BOTH
6 Lithobates sphenocephalus (Southern Leopard Frog) Movements BOTH
7 Plestiodon fasciatus (Common Five-lined Skink) Movements BOTH
8 Plestiodon inexpectatus (Southeastern Five-lined Skink) Movements BOTH
9 Scincella lateralis (Little Brown Skink) Movements BOTH
10 Cemophora coccinea ssp. (Scarlet Snake) Movements BOTH
11 Thamnophis sauritus ssp. (Eastern Ribbonsnake) Movements BOTH
12 Pseudacris ocularis (Little Grass Frog) Behavior BOTH
13 Lithobates sphenocephalus (Southern Leopard Frog) Behavior BOTH
14 Anaxyrus quercicus (Oak Toad) Behavior BOTH
15 Anaxyrus terrestris (Southern Toad) Behavior BOTH
16 Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog) Behavior BOTH
17 Plestiodon inexpectatus (Southeastern Five-lined Skink) Behavior BOTH
18 Scincella lateralis (Little Brown Skink) Behavior BOTH
19 Coluber constrictor ssp. (North American Racer) Behavior BOTH
20 Cemophora coccinea ssp. (Scarlet Snake) Behavior BOTH

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