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Herp Bibliography Page

Fowler, H. W. 1906. Some cold-blooded vertebrates from the Florida Keys. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia 58:77–113.

1 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Distribution BOTH
2 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Habitat BOTH
3 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Human Utilization BOTH
4 Anaxyrus quercicus (Oak Toad) Distribution BOTH
5 Anaxyrus quercicus (Oak Toad) Food Habits BOTH
6 Anaxyrus quercicus (Oak Toad) Habitat BOTH
7 Anaxyrus quercicus (Oak Toad) Historical Account BOTH
8 Caretta caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle) Distribution BOTH
9 Caretta caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle) Habitat BOTH
10 Caretta caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle) Human Utilization BOTH
11 Caretta caretta (Loggerhead Sea Turtle) Historical Account BOTH
12 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Distribution BOTH
13 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Habitat BOTH
14 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Historical Account BOTH
15 Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata (Eastern Six-lined Racerunner) Distribution BOTH
16 Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata (Eastern Six-lined Racerunner) Habitat BOTH
17 Aspidoscelis sexlineata sexlineata (Eastern Six-lined Racerunner) Historical Account BOTH
18 Coluber constrictor ssp. (North American Racer) Distribution BOTH
19 Coluber constrictor ssp. (North American Racer) Habitat BOTH
20 Coluber constrictor ssp. (North American Racer) Historical Account BOTH
21 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Distribution BOTH
22 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Habitat BOTH
23 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Historical Account BOTH
24 Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback Sea Turtle) Distribution BOTH
25 Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback Sea Turtle) Habitat BOTH
26 Dermochelys coriacea (Leatherback Sea Turtle) Historical Account BOTH
27 Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill Sea Turtle) Distribution BOTH
28 Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill Sea Turtle) Habitat BOTH
29 Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill Sea Turtle) Historical Account BOTH
30 Plestiodon inexpectatus (Southeastern Five-lined Skink) Distribution BOTH
31 Plestiodon inexpectatus (Southeastern Five-lined Skink) Habitat BOTH
32 Plestiodon inexpectatus (Southeastern Five-lined Skink) Historical Account BOTH
33 Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog) Distribution BOTH
34 Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog) Habitat BOTH
35 Gastrophryne carolinensis (Eastern Narrow-mouthed Frog) Historical Account BOTH
36 Hyla squirella (Squirrel Treefrog) Distribution BOTH
37 Hyla squirella (Squirrel Treefrog) Habitat BOTH
38 Hyla squirella (Squirrel Treefrog) Historical Account BOTH
39 Lampropeltis elapsoides (Scarlet Kingsnake) Distribution BOTH
40 Lampropeltis elapsoides (Scarlet Kingsnake) Habitat BOTH
41 Lampropeltis elapsoides (Scarlet Kingsnake) Historical Account BOTH
42 Malaclemys terrapin ssp. (Diamond-backed Terrapin) Distribution BOTH
43 Malaclemys terrapin ssp. (Diamond-backed Terrapin) Taxonomy BOTH
44 Malaclemys terrapin ssp. (Diamond-backed Terrapin) Description and Morphology BOTH
45 Malaclemys terrapin ssp. (Diamond-backed Terrapin) Habitat BOTH
46 Malaclemys terrapin ssp. (Diamond-backed Terrapin) Historical Account BOTH
47 Nerodia fasciata ssp. (Southern Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
48 Nerodia fasciata ssp. (Southern Watersnake) Habitat BOTH
49 Nerodia fasciata ssp. (Southern Watersnake) Historical Account BOTH

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