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Herp Bibliography Page

Packard, W. 1910. Florida trails as seen from Jacksonville to Key West and from November to April inclusive by Winthrop Packard ... illustrated from photographs by the author and others. Small, Maynard and Company, Boston, Massachusetts, USA. 300pp.

1 Heterodon platirhinos (Eastern Hog-nosed Snake) Description and Morphology BOTH
2 Heterodon platirhinos (Eastern Hog-nosed Snake) Human Utilization BOTH
3 Heterodon platirhinos (Eastern Hog-nosed Snake) Historical Account BOTH
4 Agkistrodon conanti (Florida Cottonmouth) Food Habits BOTH
5 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Behavior BOTH
6 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Description and Morphology BOTH
7 Drymarchon couperi (Eastern Indigo Snake) Description and Morphology BOTH
8 Drymarchon couperi (Eastern Indigo Snake) Behavior BOTH
9 Drymarchon couperi (Eastern Indigo Snake) Conservation and Management BOTH
10 Drymarchon couperi (Eastern Indigo Snake) Historical Account BOTH
11 Plestiodon laticeps (Broad-headed Skink) Description and Morphology BOTH
12 Plestiodon laticeps (Broad-headed Skink) Conservation and Management BOTH
13 Plestiodon laticeps (Broad-headed Skink) Behavior BOTH
14 Anolis carolinensis ssp. (Green Anole) Behavior BOTH
15 Lithobates catesbeianus (American Bullfrog) Reproduction BOTH
16 Lithobates grylio (Pig Frog) Reproduction BOTH
17 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Behavior BOTH
18 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Human Utilization BOTH
19 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Historical Account BOTH
20 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Reproduction BOTH
21 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Associations with Other Organisms BOTH
22 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Habitat BOTH

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