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Williams, J. L. 1962. The Territory of Florida or sketches of the topography, civil and natural history, of the country, the climate, and the Indian tribes, from the first discovery to the present time. [A facsimile reproduction of the 1837 edition, with an introduction by Herbert J. Doherty, Jr.] University of Florida Press, Gainesville, Florida, USA. 304pp.

1 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Behavior BOTH
2 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Food Habits BOTH
3 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Habitat BOTH
4 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Reproduction BOTH
5 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Conservation and Management BOTH
6 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Human Utilization BOTH
7 Alligator mississippiensis (American Alligator) Historical Account BOTH
8 Amphibians Area Inventory BOTH
9 Amphibians Historical Account BOTH
10 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Distribution BOTH
11 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Description and Morphology BOTH
12 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Reproduction BOTH
13 Chelonia mydas (Green Sea Turtle) Human Utilization BOTH
14 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Associations with Other Organisms BOTH
15 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Effects of Habitat Modification BOTH
16 Crotalus adamanteus (Eastern Diamond-backed Rattlesnake) Historical Account BOTH
17 Eretmochelys imbricata (Hawksbill Sea Turtle) Human Utilization BOTH
18 Gopherus polyphemus (Gopher Tortoise) Reproduction BOTH
19 Gopherus polyphemus (Gopher Tortoise) Human Utilization BOTH
20 Gopherus polyphemus (Gopher Tortoise) Historical Account BOTH
21 Reptiles Area Inventory BOTH
22 Reptiles Historical Account BOTH

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