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Herp Bibliography Page

Wright, A. H. 1935. Some rare amphibians and reptiles of the United States. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 21:340–345.

1 Ambystoma cingulatum (Frosted Flatwoods Salamander) Distribution BOTH
2 Ambystoma cingulatum (Frosted Flatwoods Salamander) Historical Account BOTH
3 Pantherophis guttatus (Red Cornsnake) Distribution BOTH
4 Pantherophis guttatus (Red Cornsnake) Habitat BOTH
5 Pantherophis guttatus (Red Cornsnake) Historical Account BOTH
6 Plestiodon egregius ssp. (Mole Skink) Distribution BOTH
7 Plestiodon egregius ssp. (Mole Skink) Habitat BOTH
8 Plestiodon egregius ssp. (Mole Skink) Historical Account BOTH
9 Kinosternon baurii (Striped Mud Turtle) Distribution BOTH
10 Kinosternon baurii (Striped Mud Turtle) Historical Account BOTH
11 Lampropeltis getula ssp. (Common Kingsnake) Distribution BOTH
12 Lampropeltis getula ssp. (Common Kingsnake) Historical Account BOTH
13 Plestiodon reynoldsi (Florida Sand Skink) Distribution BOTH
14 Plestiodon reynoldsi (Florida Sand Skink) Habitat BOTH
15 Plestiodon reynoldsi (Florida Sand Skink) Historical Account BOTH
16 Lithobates heckscheri (River Frog) Distribution BOTH
17 Lithobates heckscheri (River Frog) Historical Account BOTH
18 Rhineura floridana (Florida Wormlizard) Distribution BOTH
19 Rhineura floridana (Florida Wormlizard) Habitat BOTH
20 Rhineura floridana (Florida Wormlizard) Historical Account BOTH
21 Lampropeltis extenuatum (Short-tailed Kingsnake) Distribution BOTH
22 Lampropeltis extenuatum (Short-tailed Kingsnake) Historical Account BOTH

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