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Herp Bibliography Page

Gibbons, J. W., and M. E. Dorcas. 2004. North American watersnakes: a natural history. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, USA. 438pp.

1 Nerodia erythrogaster (Plain-bellied Water Snake) Fossil Record BOTH
2 Nerodia fasciata ssp. (Southern Watersnake) Fossil Record BOTH
3 Nerodia floridana (Florida Green Watersnake) Fossil Record BOTH
4 Nerodia sipedon pleuralis (Midland Watersnake) Fossil Record BOTH
5 Nerodia taxispilota (Brown Watersnake) Fossil Record BOTH
6 Liodytes alleni (Striped Swampsnake) Fossil Record BOTH
7 Nerodia clarkii ssp. (Saltmarsh Watersnake) Conservation and Management BOTH
8 Nerodia clarkii ssp. (Saltmarsh Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
9 Nerodia cyclopion (Mississippi Green Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
10 Nerodia erythrogaster (Plain-bellied Water Snake) Distribution BOTH
11 Nerodia fasciata ssp. (Southern Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
12 Nerodia floridana (Florida Green Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
13 Nerodia sipedon pleuralis (Midland Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
14 Nerodia taxispilota (Brown Watersnake) Distribution BOTH
15 Liodytes rigida ssp. (Glossy Swampsnake) Distribution BOTH
16 Liodytes alleni (Striped Swampsnake) Distribution BOTH
17 Regina septemvittata (Queensnake) Distribution BOTH
18 Liodytes pygaea ssp. (Black Swampsnake) Distribution BOTH

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