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Herp Bibliography Page

Bartlett, R. D., and P. P. Bartlett. 1997. Anoles, basilisks, and water dragons. Barron's Educational Series, Hauppauge, New York, USA. 96pp.

1 Basiliscus vittatus (Brown Basilisk) Distribution BOTH
2 Anolis carolinensis ssp. (Green Anole) Husbandry BOTH
3 Anolis sagrei (Brown Anole) Distribution BOTH
4 Anolis distichus (Bark Anole) Distribution BOTH
5 Anolis equestris equestris (Knight Anole) Distribution BOTH
6 Anolis garmani (Jamaican Giant Anole) Distribution BOTH
7 Anolis cristatellus cristatellus (Puerto Rican Crested Anole) Distribution BOTH
8 Anolis cybotes cybotes (Common Large-headed Anole) Distribution BOTH
9 Anolis chlorocyanus (Hispaniolan Green Anole) Distribution BOTH
10 Anolis ferreus (Comb Anole) Distribution BOTH
11 Anolis distichus (Bark Anole) Taxonomy BOTH
12 Basiliscus vittatus (Brown Basilisk) Habitat BOTH
13 Anolis carolinensis ssp. (Green Anole) Habitat BOTH
14 Anolis sagrei (Brown Anole) Habitat BOTH
15 Anolis distichus (Bark Anole) Habitat BOTH
16 Anolis equestris equestris (Knight Anole) Habitat BOTH
17 Anolis garmani (Jamaican Giant Anole) Habitat BOTH
18 Anolis cristatellus cristatellus (Puerto Rican Crested Anole) Habitat BOTH
19 Anolis cristatellus cristatellus (Puerto Rican Crested Anole) Husbandry BOTH
20 Anolis cybotes cybotes (Common Large-headed Anole) Husbandry BOTH
21 Anolis ferreus (Comb Anole) Husbandry BOTH
22 Anolis chlorocyanus (Hispaniolan Green Anole) Husbandry BOTH
23 Basiliscus vittatus (Brown Basilisk) Husbandry BOTH
24 Anolis sagrei (Brown Anole) Husbandry BOTH
25 Anolis distichus (Bark Anole) Husbandry BOTH
26 Anolis equestris equestris (Knight Anole) Husbandry BOTH
27 Anolis garmani (Jamaican Giant Anole) Husbandry BOTH
28 Lizards Exotic Species BOTH

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