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Herp Bibliography Page

Reed, R. N., and G. H. Rodda. 2009. Giant constrictors: biological and management profiles and an establishment risk assessment for nine large species of pythons, anacondas, and the boa constrictor. U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2009–1202. 302pp.

1 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Distribution BOTH
2 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Conservation and Management BOTH
3 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Reproduction BOTH
4 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Food Habits BOTH
5 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Behavior BOTH
6 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Movements BOTH
7 Python bivittatus (Burmese Python) Associations with Other Organisms BOTH
8 Eunectes notaeus (Yellow Anaconda) Distribution BOTH
9 Eunectes murinus (Green Anaconda) Distribution BOTH
10 Python sebae (Northern African Rock Python) Distribution BOTH
11 Python sebae (Northern African Rock Python) Conservation and Management BOTH
12 Broghammerus reticulatus (Reticulated Python) Distribution BOTH
13 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Distribution BOTH
14 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Food Habits BOTH
15 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Habitat BOTH
16 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Associations with Other Organisms BOTH
17 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Conservation and Management BOTH
18 Boa constrictor spp. (Boa Constrictor) Reproduction BOTH
19 Snakes Exotic Species BOTH

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