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Herp Bibliography Page

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1 1147 Breininger, D. R., M. J. Barkaszi, R. B. Smith, D. M. Oddy, and J. A. Provancha. 1994. Endangered and potentially endangered wildlife on John F. Kennedy Space Center and faunal integrity as a goal for maintaining biological diversity. NASA Technical Memorandum 109204, Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA. 451pp.
2 3691 Layne, J. N., T. J. Walsh, and P. Meylan. 1986. New records for the mole snake, Lampropeltis calligaster, in peninsular Florida. Florida Scientist 49:171–175.
3 10409 McKelvy, A. D., and F. T. Burbrink. 2017. Ecological divergence in the yellow-bellied kingsnake (Lampropeltis calligaster) at two North American biodiversity hotspots. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 106:61−72.

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