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Herp Bibliography Page

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1 10816 Card, D. C., B. W. Perry, R. H. Adams, D. R. Schield, A. S. Young, A. L. Andrew, T. Jezkova, G. I. Pasquesi, N. R. Hales, M. R. Walsh, and M. R. Rochford. 2018. Novel ecological and climatic conditions drive rapid adaptation in invasive Florida Burmese pythons. Molecular Ecology 27:4744–4757.
2 10790 Makowski, C., and C. W. Finkl. 2019. Invasive species within South Florida coastal ecosystems: an example of a marginalized environmental resource base. Pages 3–62 in Impacts of invasive species on coastal environments Springer, Cham.
3 9840 Perez, L. 2012. Snake in the grass: an Everglades invasion. Pineapple Press, Sarasota, Florida, USA. 200pp.

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