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1 8191 Enge, K. M., B. W. Kaiser, and R. B. Dickerson. 2006. Another large exotic lizard in Florida, the Argentine black and white tegu. Abstract in Proceedings of the 28th Annual Gopher Tortoise Council Meeting, 26–29 October 2006, Valdosta, Georgia, USA.
2 9784 Giardina, D., and T. Pernas. 2012. ECISMA uncovers first wild tegu nest in Miami-Dade. ECISMA Newsletter 3(1):4.
3 9961 Pernas, T., D. J. Giardina, A. McKinley, A. Parns, and F. J. Mazzotti. 2012. First observations of nesting by the Argentine black and white tegu, Tupinambis merianae, in South Florida. Southeastern Naturalist 11:765–770.

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