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The Florida Buck Registry was established in 1982 to provide hunters with a record of the number and quality of white-tailed deer taken in Florida. The minimum antler score necessary to qualify is 100 Boone and Crockett inches for typical antlers and 125 for non-typical antlers.
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Qualified ScoresCountyHunter NameGreater/Less than ScoreMethodSeason YearAction

Current Top 10 Buck Registry Scores


HunterDate TakenCountyTypical ScoreMethod
Larry Furr1/1/1977GADSDEN168 1/8Unknown
Roy Ems11/30/1983LEON165 2/8Shotgun
Jeff Sullivan12/14/2014MARION164 3/8Rifle
William Scharber1/1/1990PASCO162 4/8Rifle
Eric Brownell1/23/2020HOLMES160 4/8Rifle
Bobby Davis1/14/1994DIXIE159 4/8Rifle
Felton Sheffield11/12/2003ALACHUA159Rifle
Tyler Guggenheimer11/2/2010ALACHUA158 4/8Muzzleloader
David McQueen10/12/2008ALACHUA157Archery
Chris Harrell11/19/1987MADISON156 7/8Unknown


HunterDate TakenCountyNon-Typical ScoreMethod
James Stovall9/25/1999PASCO206Archery
Clark Durrance1/1/1940WAKULLA201 3/8Unknown
Henry Brinson1/1/1959JACKSON186Unknown
Dennis Ross1/1/1951TAYLOR185 3/8Unknown
W.L. Hurst12/1/1970CALHOUN181 2/8Unknown
Lee Crews11/11/2000ALACHUA179Rifle
John Wiggins9/23/2018DIXIE177 1/8Archery
Bruce Holley11/3/2012MADISON176 3/8Rifle
Tommy Sims1/22/1994JACKSON172Unknown Firearm
Robert Partin11/25/2010ALACHUA170 6/8Rifle


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