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  This database is the property of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. As an authorized user outside of the Commission’s Division of Law Enforcement, you are responsible for conducting your own Derelict Vessel Investigations under Florida Statute 823.11. You are also bound by your own department’s guidelines on such activities. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission grants access to outside agencies upon validation and gives the opportunity to use this tool free of charge. FWC in no way intends or implies that it is responsible for or oversight of your Derelict Vessel Investigations. FS 823.11(3)(a) states:“The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and its officers and all law enforcement officers as specified in s. 327.70 are authorized and empowered to remove or cause to be removed any abandoned or derelict vessel from public waters in any instance when the same obstructs or threatens to obstruct navigation or in any way constitutes a danger to the environment.”

Therefore, it is not necessary for any Florida Certified Law Enforcement Officer to receive authorization from the FWC to perform this law enforcement activity. We do however, encourage a sharing of information, joint operations, combined training and the opportunity to bring together all law enforcement agencies in an effort to reduce the dangers caused by derelict vessels. FWC’s responsibility for connectivity to this system will terminate at the entry portal. Your department or organization will be responsible for maintaining all necessary hardware and software needed to reach our entry portal. Online training will be available in the secure user’s training center located on the main page of the Derelict Vessel Database System.

While FWC is the custodian of the records maintained in this database, these records come from a number of different sources and FWC cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of the records maintained in this database.

Your agency will be solely responsible for the proper use and distribution of the information gained from accessing this database. Your agency is responsible for ensuring compliance with Florida's Public Record Laws.

For questions pertaining to this system and its operation, please contact the Derelict Vessel Planner at Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Law Enforcement at (850) 488-5600.

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