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Survivorship and Productivity of Florida Sandhill Cranes on Conservation Lands and Suburban Areas in Florida
Tim Dellinger , FWC
Abstract: The Florida sandhill crane (Antigone canadensis pratensis) is a state threatened species that has experienced substantial population declines due to habitat loss. Long periods of drought and degradation of remaining habitat may have also contributed to the species’ decline. Cranes prefer open habitat with low vegetation and most prior research in upland habitats has occurred in one type of open habitat--private ranchland. With the conversion of private ranchland to housing and commercial use, however, cranes now inhabit suburban areas. This project will identify threats to crane populations on both suburban and public conservation areas, and determine productivity and survivorship in these unstudied habitat types.
Award Matching Funds Total
$106,898.00 $57,561.00 $164,459.00
Year Funded Starting Date Ending Date
2016 7/1/2017 3/31/2022

Location: Alachua,Brevard,Citrus,Hernando,Hillsborough,Indian River,Lake,Manatee,Marion,Orange,Osceola,Pasco,Pinellas,Polk,Sarasota,Seminole,Volusia

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