The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission manages, through a series of government and private sector contractors, aquatic plants in Florida’s public waterbodies. Using this waterbody search tool, the public can view the current workplan and schedule of operations for a particular waterbody.  
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  Aquatic plant management workplans are approved each June for the ensuing fiscal year that runs from July 1 – June 30. Workplans provide an overview of the management objectives and an estimate of the amount of control and funds necessary to achieve these objectives for a 12-month period. Therefore workplans must be flexible to adapt to changing environmental conditions, funding, and new technologies. Modifications are made to workplans when necessary to incorporate these changes. This site displays the most current workplan for a particular waterbody. Some waterbodies may have more than one workplan associated with it.  
  The Schedule of Operations summarizes plant control that FWC contractors and field biologists have proposed to accomplish for the following 1-2 weeks. The schedule shows types of plants and estimated amounts that the contractor plans to control along with control methods for a particular waterbody. Conditions such as rain, high winds, or equipment failures can result in some or all of this planned work not being completed in which case it will be rescheduled for a future date. The Schedule of Operations for a particular period may include several waterbodies. In some instances, more than one contractor may be scheduled to work on the same waterbody but on different plant species, in different areas, or utilizing a different control method.